He Did What?: President Barack Obama Crashes A Wedding
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Nobody likes a wedding crasher—unless the crasher is Barack Obama. 

The President was minding his business during a  game of golf this Sunday when the golf course he played on was the same Torrey Pines Golf Course that couple Stephanie and Brian Tobe was about to be married on. 

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The guests had just begun to get seated while Obama was finishing up his last hole— which was on the same lawn as the ceremony, as in, right behind the altar.   

Once the President finished his game, he didn’t leave. Instead, he stuck around and shook hands of all 60 wedding guests. The bride, who was still in her suite, bolted over.

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“Once I heard that there might be an opportunity to even just say hi, shake his hand or even try to take a picture, we darted,” Tobe told ABC. “We ran to the closest elevator, got downstairs and I picked up my huge dress and I just started running across the lawn to get over to the President.”

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“Right when we saw him, Stephanie got to him first. And he said congrats to Stephanie right away,” her husband chimed in. “And at that moment he pointed out that my foot was actually on the train or the trail of her wedding dress on the ground and he said, I don’t remember his exact words, but he’s so relaxed, and he says nope, nope you know … you can’t step on the wedding dress,” Brian Tobe told ABC. “I think it was our first marriage advice,”

Way to go Obama. Proper wedding crasher in full effect.