Last night’s episode of “HawthoRNe” on TNT kicked-off with drama for someone other than Christina (Jada Pinkett-Smith) for a change.

Detective Renata’s (Marc Anthony) mother is ill and refuses to go to a hospital, so he calls on Christina to help. His mother and Christina instantly connect and it’s obvious that Nick has spoken very highly of her. When mama Renata’s condition quickly worsens they must take her to James River Hospital to save her life, forcing Christina to end up back in the halls at her old job, having only been there a few weeks ago. Doesn’t look like many of her old co-workers are happy to see her.

Tom isn’t too pleased to see his wife waiting by Nick’s mother’s bedside when he comes in to greet his patient. It turns out mama Renata needs surgery, but is refusing treatment, and to add to Nick’s worries… the police have found the body of the man who attacked Christina. Tom is worried he and Christina know too much and things will get worse if they don’t stay away from Nick. Tom tells Christina to toss the ring Nick gave her after the attack (which supposedly belonged to her attacker) and to stay away from the detective. As usual, Christina doesn’t listen and she grows closer to Nick, his brothers, and his mom.

Christina’s daughter Camille continues to flirt with Miles (Derek Luke), the new surgeon, and takes a job at the hospital just to get closer to him. It’s clear he’s starting to fall for her too, when Tom (her stepfather) warns him to stay away, but he continues to spend one-on-one time with Camille. (Shouldn’t he be worried about settling his divorce and his kids?)

Bobbie’s settling into her new job as head nurse, but is rattled when Dr. Steve’s estranged father comes into town, and we find out he has cancer and one year to live. Steve doesn’t want anything to do with dear ol’ dad but Bobbie tries her best to get her man to do the right thing, but to no avail.

An internal affairs agent is poking around the hospital trying to spook Nick, and Christina is having nightmares about herself and Tom murdering a masked man. What’s with all the sadness and pain, writers? We know TNT knows drama, but isn’t there at least one happy person in James River Hospital?