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You have your cozy clothes. Got that. What? Do they know I'm black? Should they? You might wanna know. Good. Well look, I'm be talking to a few of your competitors for this week, and I'll be by your office by Friday. You're very aggressive. Yeah well the king of the jungle don't drink peppermint tea, you know? It's augmented and packaged and pumped through 10,000 pre-assigned filters til there's nothing more than a meaningless series of lights while we ride day in day out, going where? Listen, we're doing some digging, yeah? [INAUDIBLE] was scamming money out of the hospital for years. Been building herself a little nest egg. That is why she went missing. She is waiting for the heat to die down then she will come back and get the dosh. Hold on a minute. I saw you man. You had that thing that machine. Did you make this happen? Ross you have been waiting. [INAUDIBLE] City [INAUDIBLE] kicking up. You get me? You get me. Yeah like [INAUDIBLE] what [INAUDIBLE] to get me [LAUGH] this [INAUDIBLE] lewd up men [INAUDIBLE] in his fore head and sing. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] You've lost the frequency Kenny. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there. I know, I know. Poor vocabulary reflects poor thought. So school is great fun.

'Get Out’s' Daniel Kaluuya Has the Sexiest Speaking Voice

Daniel Kaluuya’s British speaking voice turned on many new fans during his MTV Movie & TV Awards speech


Last Sunday, British actor Daniel Kaluuya racked in more rightful praise for his undeniable breakout performance in this year’s monster hit Get Out.

At the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Kaluuya took home the Next Generation award. The recognition shines a spotlight on the much deserving actor, but it’s also another coup for Jordan Peele’s $200 million and counting horror film – the first feature debut directed by a Black writer-director to gross $100 million.

Kaluuya stood on stage holding his gilded bucket of popcorn, but as he peppered his acceptance speech expressing anticipation for Insecure’s season 2, shouting out his “mum,” and Get Out cast and director “Gor-dan Peele,” audiences started flooding social media with comments asking: “Where he from?” … …“OMG his accentttt” …“I would have never guessed he was English. Ok mini Idris.” ….“His real voice!!” … “His accent is so sexy” … “l’amour de ma vie”  …“OMG sexy.”

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Because we wholeheartedly agree there’s something sexy when a Black British man speaks, the dutiful editors at ESSENCE have compiled a video of Kaluuya’s TV appearances from across the pond. 

He’s guest starred on a lengthy list of British TV shows, including SkinsBlack MirrorDoctor Who and more. And for the record, we’re not judging how many times you hit replay after hearing his North London lilt. 

Enjoy fam.