I was sitting at home viewing my Instagram feed on Sunday night when, all of a sudden, my feed was flooded with images of Teyonah Parris at the SAG Awards. The natural hair community was having a fit over the glorious natural hair updo she sported on the red carpet! To get the inside scoop on Parris’s hairstyle, I reached out to natural hair guru Felicia Leatherwood, the mane mastermind behind this look. Leatherwood shares her step-by-step tips below so you can re-create this sizzling style at home.
  • I washed the hair with Dr. Miracles Conditioning Shampoo ($6, Dr. Miracles)
  • Before blow drying the hair, I used Lawrence-Ray Concepts Leave-In Conditioner ($18.90) & Hair Polish Serum ($22.80, Lawrence-Ray Concepts) as my heat protectant.
  • After blowing the hair out, the next step was to section the hair to start the fold and tuck. I separated the hair into four sections.
  • For the first section at the nape of the neck, I ponytailed and folded under and tucked it with a closed hair pin, then I proceeded to the next section, moving up the back of the head and repeated the same.
  • When we got closer to the sides, I used Hick’s Total Transformation Edges ($15, Amazon) to smooth down edges and continued folding and tucking each section.
  • The front/top of the hair was divided into three parts and folded with Entwine Exotique Butter Creme Hydrator ($29, Ave You).
  • I used my figures to roll the hair and get it smooth.
  • Lastly, I finished the look with Lawrence-Ray Concepts Seal-It Firm Holding Spray ($15.60, Lawrence-Ray Concepts) & Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Mist ($7.50, drugstore.com) for shine.
There you have it, ladies!  Are you going to try a fab natural hair updo of your own?  Tell us about it in the comments section! Felicia Leatherwood is a natural hair stylist-to-the-stars and founder of the Loving Your Hair with Natural Care movement and workshop series.  Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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