Mostly known for rocking straight styles, Gabrielle Union, who is set to appear on the upcoming holiday film, A Myers Christmas, decided to wear braids to show that leading ladies can wear natural hairstyles, too.

Her decision become a reality three weeks ago, when the 43-year-old debuted small box braids on Instagram with the caption: “Lil somethin, something #braidedbaby”

Gabrielle Union Debuts Fresh New Braids on Instagram

“I’ve always wanted to get them,” says Union. “Not only is it protecting my hair on set, but it [gives me] the chance to [be] a leading lady with a natural hairstyle. It’s not lost on me and it’s more than just me experimenting with a hairstyle.”

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Thus far, the responses have been positive, in fact, Union says, “I just got lucky in that I got a character that could embrace a natural hairstyle and the production agreed. So, I jumped at the chance.”

Union also serves as its executive producer in the holiday film. 

Do you like her braids? Do you think more leading ladies should wear natural hair hairstyles?