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Fighting Words: This French Actress Said Her Dog Looks Like Jill Scott

Black Twitter defended the singer, who was ridiculously compared to a dog on a French talk show. 
Fighting Words: This French Actress Said Her Dog Looks Like Jill Scott
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Someone must have lied and said Black women can be tried. But they were dead wrong. 

French actress Alice Belaïdi recently appeared on Quotidien Toutou Matou Show, bringing along her French bulldog for whatever gimmicky reason the show felt necessary. In a segment, caught by AJ+, host Yann Barthés asked the 30-year-old what her dog’s name is, to which she replied, “Jill.”

“”They have the same nose.” A black singer was compared to a dog on French TV. https://t.co/QcbMLtJJmT

When asked why she named the dog after Jill, she said it’s because she believes the dog favors R&B songstress, Jill Scott. “She looks like according to me, it’s very subjective… to Jill Scott the singer,” she says. 

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To which they blew up a side-by-side image on a screen of Scott next to the dog as comparison— as Belaïdi, Barthés and the majority white audience laugh.

“She’s also my favorite singer,” Belaïdi added. “So it killed two birds with one stone… They have the same nose, don’t argue.”

Naturally, Black Twitter had the Grammy award-winning singer’s back.







It’s no secret that certain people have an overzealous amount of love for their pets, especially dogs. But dogs are not human beings. And a grown woman with accolades far surpassing a little known French actress should in no way, shape or form ever be compared to an animal.