Is Floetry Cooking Up New Music? Maybe Soon
Bennett Raglin/ Getty

Fans of Floetry got excited that the UK duo are touring this summer. Sure, a huge part of the giddiness comes from knowing they’ll perform their well-known sultry cuts, but them reconnecting also suggests that maybe they’ll work on a new album, their first in nearly a decade. 

Rhymer Natalie Stewart said backstage at the Essence Festival, however, that fans should pump their brakes on those ideas. They’re not going to make music just because they’re in the same room more often than before.  

“The great thing about Floetry is that it’s not forced,” Stewart said. “We’re really enjoying connecting with our audience and sharing this beautiful energy.”

During their mainstage performance, Natalie was essentially a spoken word empowerment speaker, encouraging fans to let go of BS relationships, while Marsha Ambrosius belted out cuts like “Butterflies,” which she wrote for Michael Jackson, slipping in “I Can’t Help It” from his Off the Wall album. 

“Ms. Stress” was another highlight, but a thoughtful downer. “It’s better that it hurts,” they sing. “It’s better that it feels this way to me/I can’t be too comfortable ’cause loving you is not my destiny.”

Of course, “Say Yes” took the cake. Their biggest song about embracing the passion of two colliding hit hard at the Dome. Fans got up to groove.

Back on the subject of new music, Marsha says she’s simply enjoying, “celebrating who we are as sisters now.” So there’s that. But there’s hope. A cagey Stewart added that, “a reunion tour is a great place to get cooking, though.”

Here’s hoping they get in that kitchen soon.