First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts Kids State Dinner
Getty Images

On Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed 54 kids from across the United States, three territories and the District of Columbia to the White House for a very special state dinner, reports the Grio.

The kids are winners of a nationwide recipe contest that had more than 1,300 entries. The special group of kids, ages 8 through 12 years old, enjoyed a delightful afternoon lunch.

“We’ve got singers and stars and world leaders, but this, probably throughout the entire White House, is one of our favorite events because we get to see how talented and creative and brilliant all of you young people can be,” said Mrs. Obama in the White House’s East Room. “And we don’t just get to see it, we get to taste it,” she said before calling out a number of winning dishes.

President Obama made an impromptu appearance surprising the kids. He joked that he couldn’t eat with his fingers after Mrs. Obama gave the kids a pass. “Michelle never said to me I can just pick up something with my fingers at a state dinner,” said the president. “So that’s not fair.”

He also applauded the kids for setting a fine example for their fellow classmates, family and others “who sometimes may not always be eating as healthy as they’re supposed to.”

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