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Farewell Interviews with the Booted Ultimate Merger Bachelors

Frank speaks on losing out to Jason.

The Ultimate Merger: The Men Who Didn’t Make the Cut

Toccara’s Looking For Love

TVOne smash hit The Ultimate Merger returns for a second season and this time model and ESSENCE Contributing Style Editor Tocarra is in search of The One. Her journey begins with fourteen sexy potential suitors vying for her love. The vivacious diva is weeding out the good guys in her own special way, and each week she’s shredding someone’s prenup. When she does, she’s sending the ousted cuties our way for an exclusive post-show chat. The show airs Thursday nights at 9pm EST, so after you watch Toccara make her picks be sure to check back here to find out what her rejected loves have to say about being shown the door. See someone you wouldn’t have let go? Feel free to leave comments for them below!

Jonith’s Farewell Interview

Name: Jonith JohnsonAge: 25Occupation: FirefighterEliminated: First EpisodeWere you happy to go, or sad to leave? I was actually happy to go. Staying locked down in that house 24 hours was starting to get to me. Plus, I am not used to fighting with 14 guys for one girl’s attention. Did you feel it was your time to go? No, I feel like I left way too soon since I never really got a chance to talk with Toccara on a personal level. I missed out on many of the other challenges that I would have excelled in. Do you feel you were misunderstood in any way on the show? Clear it up here. I was placed in the hot seat because I apparently lost the dance competition.It is just plain funny. In my opinion, I know I am not the best dancer in the world. But I also know for a fact that I was not the worst dancer that night. What is it like competing for the affections of a woman? Unlike anything I’ve ever had to do. I was out of my element because I don’t chase women around, begging for attention. That is just not who I am. Would you like another shot at Toccara’s heart? No thank you.I just do not think we would click. I didn’t feel any chemistry. Who do you think she’ll end up with and why? Jason. He is a good dude from what I saw. She seemed to really be into him. Plus, he was really putting work in with her. Good luck to him if he does win.

A.J.’s Farewell Interview

Name: A.J. OrlebarAge:28Occupation:Windows System Administrator (I.T.)Eliminated:First EpisodeWere you happy to go, or sad to leave?Of course I wasn’t happy to go. It seemed like Toccara was just starting to warm up to the whole show and me, I thought, but the next thing I know I’m gone.Did you feel it was your time to go?I didn’t feel like it was my time to go. I felt like she jumped the gun too quick on eliminating me before she gave me enough of a chance. I can understand she didn’t have much time to chill with me or anyone else for that matter, but I felt like I stood out enough for her to want to keep getting to know me.Do you feel you were misunderstood in any way on the show?I feel misunderstood by Toccara. I admit she said she didn’t want to know anyone’s zodiac signs due to her prejudging us, but when the drinks are flowing hours before she got to see us, who can really remember? I figure the guy who was a Pisces she used to be with must have done her wrong because she damn sure took it out on me by getting rid of me.What is it like competing for the affections of a woman?I didn’t feel like it was any different from seeing her at a store, club, or bar. You see someone you want to get to know or have interest in and you go for it. It was difficult dealing with openly pursuing someone with all the other guys in the house because you can’t control the situation like you normally would to let the female get to know you better.Would you like another shot at Toccara’s heart?I would take another shot at Toccara’s heart.She means well and under different circumstances, I think a different outcome would have happened. I know for fact we clicked a little bit by the pool during our alone time, and I was looking forward to building on that.Who do you think she’ll end up with and why?I think she will end up with either Jason or Damond. She didn’t have to look down or be at eye level due to height.You ask any woman if she wants to be with a short man or one who is her height and she will answer no.She would pick one of those two for height reasons and personality.

Jay’s Farewell Interview

Name: Jay Dathaeus LeeAge: 37Occupation: Tennis & Golf Pro/Trainer-IT Specialist-Graphic & Web Designer-Tutor-WriterEliminated: First EpisodeWere you happy to go, or sad to leave? I was supremely upset. It did not show because I was brought up with class and dignity. I did as much, or more than the rest, except for all of what I believed was useless dialog to “show off” one’s loquaciousness and insecurities.Did you feel it was your time to go? 100% NO. I guarantee I would have won or come close to winning every competition with all my disciplines and skills. Eventually Toccara would have seen how I am The One after my victory each time for her sake. Unfortunately I am too deep in my expression and intentions, so it takes people a while to appreciate me.Do you feel you were misunderstood in any way on the show? Clear it up here. 100% YES.I was pegged as “quiet” and boring?That’s laughable. Everyone on the show whom I had personal convos with know that I am deeper and smarter and have more integrity than all of them combined. I just choose not to “bark” at a woman to gain her attention. It’s not my style.What is it like competing for the affections of a woman? It is just like competing for anything else I have done in my life… winning is everything, losing hurts an infinite amount of times more. It is just a little tougher competing for “love” with 13 other guys crowding around her to gain her attention. Getting someone’s attention from a crowd is not what love and affection is all about.Would you like another shot at Toccara’s heart? Always… I am the biggest sore loser and the most gracious winner, and to me, winning is life itself. I would do anything to win as long as the cost is not more than the prize itself.Who do you think she’ll end up with and why? Honestly I really don’t care because all the other guys are flank compared to my elite porterhouse combo perfectly cooked medium rare with a slight sear on the outside dripping with delectable juices.She is getting severely ripped off no matter who she ends up with. So I feel badly for her, and I wish I had more time to show her the depths of my existence. I guess it will now have to be some other lucky lady!