It looks like Fantasia has some new music, and she is bringing Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan along for the ride.

In a recent Instagram post, the American Idol winner hinted that she would be collaborating with the two women on her upcoming 7th album, “Sketchbook.”

“So Thankful for you [Jazmine Sullivan] & [Brandy],” she wrote alongside an image of the three women. “This is an independent Album and we DID IT!!!”

Fantasia first talked about the collaboration between the three R&B vocalists during an Instagram Live interview back in April, according to Power 105.1.

She said that she “had to” collaborate with the two women, especially now that she’s no longer with a major label.

“They are both my favorites. I turn into a little groupie when I see Jazmine. I love her, and I love Bran. I wanted to kind of reach back and touch some different eras when it came to that girl group,” she said during the interview. “I was like, ‘Wouldn’t it be dope if we had a girl group where it was Jazmine, Fantasia, and Brandy?’ Let’s just put it on an album.”

Fantasia also told CNN in a recent interview that she wanted her forthcoming album to be reflective of her ability to sing what she enjoys.

“I don’t have to be held in a box because my gift is too big for the box,” she said. “And that’s what rock soul is. It’s a live feel, it’s what we are doing onstage, it has flaws and it is flawed. It’s music.”


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