Leyna Bloom Is Excited To See Evolving Representations Of Women In Film
Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Leyna Bloom made history at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and now she’s opening up about cinema’s evolving representation of women.

Bloom, the first transgender woman of color to star in a film at the festival, leads director Danielle Lessovitz’s Port Authority. The film is a love story set in New York’s kiki ballroom scene.

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During the festival’s fifth edition of Women In Motion, Bloom opened up to Variety about representation in film.

The actress explained that while acceptance of trans people is “happening at a very slow pace,” things have not only started to change in Hollywood, “but around the world.”

Bloom said for quite a while no agency would hire her due to her skin color and body shape. She praised directors like Lessovitz for giving her a chance.

The future looks bright for the actress, who is confident about what’s ahead.

“I know my path. I can only walk my path. I just want to say who I am,” Bloom said. “Growing up, that idea of seeing a trans-woman on any magazine cover…was non-existent. Just like this moment. Now, women like me, we have a seat at the table.”


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