You Better Sang! Stephanie Mills and Shanice Williams Slay ‘Home’ from ‘The Wiz Live’

We’re 22 days away from the world premiere of NBC’s The Wiz Live!, and NBC gave ESSENCE, People and Entertainment Weekly an exclusive first look at a performance from two of the musical’s stars.

Newcomer Shanice Williams, who landed the role of Dorothy, will star alongside Stephanie Mills, who was the original Dorothy in the 1975 Broadway production of The Wiz.

“Shanice has all the innocence and purity that Dorothy should have,” Mills said. “She’s 19 years old, and she’s just wonderful in that role. I’m glad she’s basically an unknown because she’s not tainted by anything. She’s pure.”

VIDEO: Meet Shanice Williams, the New Dorothy in NBC’s ‘The Wiz’

Williams, adding that the audition for The Wiz Live! was her first real audition, said that the cast has been working tirelessly gearing up for the Dec. 3 premiere, but she continues to revel in the greatness that surrounds her.

“One of the best pieces of advice that [Mills has] given me is always stay humble and live in the moment because I’m never going to get this opportunity again,” Williams said. “This is once in a lifetime, so live in the moment. And also, when I sing ‘Home,’ she always reminds me, ‘You’re the only one on stage, and this is your moment. Don’t hold back.'”

Watch the two stars perform a rendition of “Home” above, and be sure to catch the live performance on Dec. 3 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.