EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton Is ‘Not Taking it Easy’ After Giving Birth

It’s not easy being a new mom, especially if you’re Tamar Braxton. The reality star gave birth to her son Logan in June, hosts The Real, a daily talk show, and is preparing for the release of her second album in September. And she’s not planning on taking a break anytime soon.

“I’m lying if I said I was taking it easy,” Tamar tells ESSENCE.com. “But I love what I do and I wake up everyday thanking God for my life because I want to go to work.”

The working mom who was on the set of The Real a few weeks after giving birth, says baby Logan is not coming in to work with her just yet. “He’s new. I don’t want him to get sick,” she says. “He’s so yummy and delicious and cute, so everybody is going to want to touch him and try to kiss on him.” According to her big sisters Trina and Tracy Braxton, the “Love and War” singer is the kind of mom who enforces a “don’t touch” policy when it comes to her precious bundle. “I am obsessed with Logan. It’s a problem,” Tamar concurs.

And what of the celebrity pressure to snap back into shape weeks after having a baby? “Oh gosh no. I’m still Tamar,” she says. “I haven’t worked out yet because he’s just a couple of weeks old. I’m afraid to start working out. I don’t want my uterus to be spilling all over the floor.

“I do watch what I put in my mouth. I eat everything.”

Motherhood has also given Tamar a chance to bond like never before. “I’ve never been accepted right away in my life until I met Logan,” she says. “We bond so much and he doesn’t have one word to say. He gets me and I get him. it’s so beautiful.”

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