EXCLUSIVE: Sherry Shepherd Talks Surrogate Woes
Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

Last week, Sherri Shepherd announced she finally found a surrogate to carry her baby. But The View co-host tells ESSENCE.com exclusively the process was anything but easy.

“We’re starting the process of making sure the uterus that we picked is not crazy,” said Shepherd. “I put out there that I would give someone a free weave for a year and a free Hyundai. Literally, we’d be at the club and these girls would be like ‘I’ll carry yo’ baby.’ I don’t think so. Eight different shades of hair color, nine Salt and Pepa cuts, asymmetrical this and braids for days talking about ‘I’ll carry it.’ No, you just got off the pole, you’re on break, go on back to work! So, it’s been a journey trying to sift through the ones with drama and no drama so I think I have one, but I’ll definitely keep everyone updated.”

Shepherd, already a mother to eight-year-old son Jeffrey, wants to have another boy. “I’m a boy’s type of girl,” she said. “Girls are just too high maintenance.” She also said she’ll keep Jeffrey in the dark until things firm up for her and husband Lamar Sally. “He doesn’t need to know anything, so when it happens and gets closer we’ll figure out how to tell him how a baby just appeared in his house when mommy always told him it came from your belly.”

When asked if she’ll take a babymoon before the baby comes, Shepherd wasn’t sure if it would be a great idea. “I’ll fool around and get pregnant,” laughed Shepherd. “Mess around and have a surrogate and be pregnant!”

—Reporting by Nicole Marie Melton

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