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EXCLUSIVE: Queen Latifah on A Possible 'Living Single' Reunion

It's been 20 years since we've seen the cast together. Is an onscreen reunion coming soon?
EXCLUSIVE: Queen Latifah on A Possible ‘Living Single’ Reunion

This fall, Queen Latifah will jump back into the talk show game after a 12-year absence and her fans couldn’t be more excited. (Remember 1999’s Queen Latifah Show!?) Revamped version, The Queen Latifah Show, which will air on CBS, promises to be more of her own unique vision than the last. Plus, it just so happens, that her return to daytime TV coincides with the 20th anniversary of Living Single.

With a new platform on her hands, die-hard Living Single fans want to know, could the bubbly Brooklyn cast be planning to reunite to mark the occasion?

“Oh man! I would love to! I was just talking to Kim Coles the other day and Erika [Alexander] and I were texting. The Living Single cast is like family to me,” Latifah told ESSENCE.com. “We spent five years together. I love all of them. Everybody is doing different things, all over the place. That will always be my family.”

And while the Oscar nominee says “it’s a good idea” to bring the gang back together again, she admits that doing a show this time around feels different. “I feel like I’m ready now,” said Latifah. “It’s been over 10 years since I did that last talk show. And when I did that show I still had so much more inside of me in terms of what I wanted to do with acting and producing.”

Latifah said missing out on her other dreams bothered her. “And it was nagging at me,” she explained. “I honestly could have continued that show for more years. It wasn’t cancelled. But I decided that I needed to fulfill that side of me.”

Even though her first talk show was only on the air for two seasons (1999-2001), Latifah says she’s going to bring everything she learned from that experience to the table.

The Queen Latifah Show begins airing on September 16th.

Reporting by Charlene Cooper