EXCLUSIVE: New Power Generation Member, LiV Warfield’s New Songs
Michael Rowe

New Power Generation member (Prince’s Band), LiV Warfield’s is branching out on her own with two new singles and an album in the works.

The soulful singer describes her sound as “alternative R&B soul with a little bit of rock and roll.” Both her singles, “Catch Me If You Can” and “Why Do You Lie?” are from her upcoming sophomore album, The Unexpected, which is set to hit stores this coming January.

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Catch Me If You Can” by LiV Warfield [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2013/09/03/catch_me_367.mp3]

Why Do You Lie” by LiV Warfield [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2013/09/03/why_do_you_lie_368.mp3]

“Catch Me If You Can” and “Why Do You Lie?” will be available for download on September 16.

Listen in and let us know what you think.