EXCLUSIVE: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Palmer Williams Jr.
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Tonight, Love Thy Neighbor returns to OWN and that means more hearty laughs. But how well do you know the man who plays Floyd? Did you know he owns a landscaping business in Atlanta or that he has a serious sweet tooth? Ahead of tonight’s season premiere, find out what seven surprising things we learned about Palmer Williams Jr.

His New Year’s Resolutions: Actually, I’m going into the new year with no fear. Trying new things. Being adventurous… with in reason.

Faith has always played a role in his success: It’s the foundation, the studs, the nails, the glue and the hammer. Everything has been based on my faith. God has been faithful even when I haven’t been. By being diligent and doing the things I’m supposed to do and even the things I’m not supposed to do and learning from that. Had it not been for my faith, I probably would not be here. I was once going through depression. I had gone through a failed play and it almost ruined me financially. I had gotten upside down in a rental property that I had purchased. I had to file for bankruptcy and just prior to that, my oldest daughter lost twins. I turned around and started having crazy thoughts of ending my own life. My faith is all I have. He has blessed me for being faithful.

His hidden talents: I don’t know if people realize that I sing as much as I do. I have a gospel album called Neo-Saved (out now). And I also released a DVD of stand up and comedic skits. And I’m debuting a new group called Old As Hell (OHA) and we’re like quartet singers. I look like Prince, one guy has finger waves and the other has a Jheri curl and looks like Lionel Richie. And we have a song called “God Is Like Good Chicken.”

He owns a landscaping business on the side: I know how to put together a really, really nice yard. My father had me cutting a two and a half acre lot that we used to live on when I was a kid. I had to finish that before I could barrow his car and go pick up my girlfriend. After a while I took something that you make think of as punishment and gained a love for it.

He has a serious sweet tooth: Candy! It’s a problem. I have to constantly carry a toothbrush with me because I’m eating so much candy. My blood sugar isn’t at any dangerous level. When you’re doing landscaping, you’re stopping at gas stations, which aren’t five star restaurants. Butterfingers have been a problem since childhood. Lemon Heads and Skittles are an issue. I wish I could melt them down, put them into an IV and put it in my arm. But I know that’s not healthy.

His dream role is to play Stevie Wonder in a movie: I have an undying love for his music and life story. Another big role I’d like to play is myself because of the type of life that I’ve led—as far as my parents being very involved in the Civil Rights movement in Alabama. I’d like to show what I’ve been exposed to in my life. I know it sounds crazy, self serving and arrogant, but it’s not for that purpose.

The one thing he would change about his TV character, Floyd: I would like him to get a consistent girlfriend or wife. If I could change anything else, it would be to see the more carrying side of Floyd. Because there is a lot of Palmer in Floyd and there is a lot of Floyd that’s not Palmer. I would like to see him be a little more of a well-rounded character that cares a little bit.

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming season below! Love Thy Neighbor returns tonight at 9 p.m. on OWN.