EXCLUSIVE: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Rowland
Mike Pont/Getty Images and Steven A Henry/WireImage

Kelly Rowland is in a revealing mood these days — cue her latest single, the tell-all ballad “Dirty Laundry,” which details how she was envious of former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyonce after the group split up eight years ago. “It’s just the space that I’m in,” says Kelly, reflecting on why she’s getting so personal on her new Talk A Good Game.

Curious, we wanted to find out what more we could know about Kelly, including her guilty pleasures and first celebrity crush. Here’s what we learned!

1. She loves Sade
What’s currently bumping on her iPod? “I can never get enough of Sade,” says Rowland. “I have all of her albums in my iPod. I put it on shuffle and just let it play from start to finish.”

2. She talks to her mom several times a day
“I talk to my mom a lot,” she says, laughing. “I talk to a lot of family throughout the day.”

3. What did you do with your first major paycheck?
“I bought a home in Texas,” she says.

4. She can’t live without…”Love”

5. Back in the day her, she had a major crush on…Tevin Campbell
“I’ve never met him but I think his voice is one of the most amazing voices that’s ever graced the Earth, still to this day,” says Kelly.

6. She doesn’t consider her closest friends celebrities
“I always think this question is so weird because I don’t look at them as celebrities,” says the songstress. “I look at them as friends. Of course, there’s Michelle [Williams], Beyonce, LaLa [Anthony] and Serena [Williams]. Everyone has their own level of accomplishment. I don’t like to put them all on the same plain and I think that’s why friends become friends, because if we all had the same amount of success it wouldn’t be as interesting or unique. With friendships, it’s so beautiful that everyone’s on different levels because you grow and learn from each other. It actually enriches the friendship.”

7. Her guilty pleasure is…you guessed it, reality shows (join the club, Kelly!)
“I literally spend days eating my gelato sea salt caramel ice cream, watching reality TV,” she says. “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I love me some Rasheeda and I think she’s one of the most beautiful women and Kirk [Frost] better be smart because that woman is quite the catch. She’s a hell of a woman.”