ESSENCE Readers Pay Tribute to Maya Angelou
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The ESSENCE community was saddened to learn about the passing of the great Dr. Maya Angelou. Many of our readers took to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to share their beautiful tributes to the celebrated author and poet. Here are some of our favorites.

Cutie J.: Sleep in peace wise one. You’ve done well! A true pioneer with a divine gift of words sent to us for a little time from God. You will forever be remembered. Go in peace!

Catherine R.: To God be the Glory to this life that was well lived, Maya Angelou was faithful to her calling, a gifted woman of God who blessed many souls through her words, works, and deeds. Maya your shoulders should have many foot prints of those you allowed to stand on your shoulders to reach heights unknown to them until you allowed them to see beyond their circumstance to view a higher goal. You have left us with words of wisdom to live by, an attitude of confident and a strong will to say (STILL I RISE). How I love you and all you stood for. THANK YOU. God bless your family.

Wendy H.: Thank you Ms. Angelou you have taught us well and have given us a lifetime of your most treasured gifts…your eloquence and beauty through the spoken and written word…R.I.P.

RonFlower Z.: Dr. Angelou I am happy to have been privileged to share this journey in witness to your greatness. I know that the conversations in heaven must be awesome for you have all your friends back again to confirm their sacrifices, gifts, and work was not in vain. Yet I am hurt that whom will collect and celebrate our culture before the world stage no that you are no longer here…

Erika B.: Her poetry has lifted me to places where no one can tear me down. She has been an inspiration to many women across the world. I was first introduced to her poetry, at the age of 4, by my mother, who also wrote poetry, which helped to believe, with all of my heart, that one day I would become all of the woman I needed to become to try to follow in their footsteps.

Valerie B.: This [is] the woman who speaks to my strength and my femininity. Helped me to realize my worth. Freed my confinement. I celebrate her life. She was sent to us bringing a precious gift. Pride and self esteem. Big Angel wings for huge Shoes to fill.

Hazel H.: Maya Angelou gave us insight into the world of feelings, experience emotions and sense and sensibility her words of wisdom steming from a life of experience awakening our inner conciouse, opening our eyes to truely see and treasure the amazing things in life. She was our Grandmother and will not be forgotten as her words will live on through our children.

Demerara G.: She was a beautiful rainbow in many persons’ cloud. May her soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

Carmen C.: I love you, Sister Maya! I am a better woman and human being because of you and you were always my personal inspiration as it relates to how freely I write my own poetry. With tears of joy and sheer gratitude, I salute you and bid you a delightful flight into paradise. Thank you.

Ellen M.: She impacted many many lives and truly inspired women by reminding them tirelessly never to forget what power they wielded all around them. May she rest in peace

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Winsome C.: She was the embodiment of love. Maya Angelou lived it talk love and embraced love. She will be greatly missed.

@The_Afronista: Dr. Maya Angelou made me realize that it is possible for Black writers to succeed greatly. 

@thecorporatesis: Dr. Angelou taught me the importance of telling our stories. We all are caged birds and we must sing!

@imEbony: She pushed me to believe that I could truly be what I wanted and pour into others during the process.

@1stmjhwriter: She showed me that: I, like thousands of others who dined at the base of her wisdom, could fly.

@WomenOnTheMove1: Her words let Black Women know their beauty, worth, and strength. She was so inspirational!

@dana_labloom: She lived a full life and came and did what she was supposed to do. I say job well done Mother Angelou, job well done! Safe in his arms.

@tyree36: Trying to hold back my tears…got to pull myself together here…she was a tremendous inspiration towards the life I live…I pursed writing the book about my life because of the books I read pertaining to her life experiences..she will be greatly missed…love Quintessa

@blkmgk2: She was the epitome of phenomenal.

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