ESSENCE will celebrate International Women’s Day March 8 along with Secretary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation as a part of No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. 

#NoCeilings is an initiative led by Secretary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton to highlight and recognize the progress women and girls have made over the last twenty years.

We’re so inspired by this program that we’re encouraging you all to participate and we’re changing our avatar to one of our sheros, Michelle Obama. We can think of at least 50 reasons that we love the First Lady. Between her work to combat obesity, her dedication to the community and her effortless ability to remain graceful and poised through it all, Mrs. Obama certainly fits the bill.

Join the movement! March 8 change your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram avatar to a woman who has made a difference in your life. She could be your mom, a leader in your community or even your favorite entertainer. Take this opportunity to not only acknowledge the advancements that we’ve made and the challenges that still exist but the women whose shoulders we stand on.

Use your social profile this Saturday to celebrate International Women’s Day and make a statement about an influential woman in history or in your life.