Erykah Badu Says Stories About A Stalker In Her Home Are “Overblown”
Mike Marsland/BFC/Getty Images

Erykah Badu is opening up about recent reports that a stalker broke into her home.

The singer took to social media to share a video discussing the incident, which she says was “overblown.”

WFAA reported Monday that a man had been detained after allegedly trespassing on Badu’s property. A source says the singer referred to the man as a “stalker,” adding that he allegedly flew from Detroit to Dallas.

In the video, Badu says the stalker was just a “kid” who “made a bad decision.”

“There was no break-in, stop it. Story overblown,” she explained. “The only thing that happened was there was a kid on Twitter[who] followed me. Had the hots for me. Came over, wanted to look at me. Wanted to do some music with me. Made a bad decision. Decided this might not be the best thing, then left.”

Badu adds that it was the neighbors who called the cops after the young man initially wandered around her neighborhood asking where the singer lived. The singer adds that she’s not sure if the officers took the man to jail or not. 

This isn’t the first time Badu has dealt with a stalker. In 2009, the singer tweeted about an incident at her home after a “white woman mid to late 20’s” paid her a visit.

Either way, we’re just happy that Badu is safe and sound.