Erykah Badu Held A Twitter Q&A On Relationships And We Are Here For Her Gems!
John Parra/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

Erykah Badu spent her saturday morning giving relationship advice on Twitter. But her love lessons came with a disclaimer.

“I got your relationship advice this morning. Answering your questions with an attitude, tho. Cause I only tweet during PMS,” she tweeted.

And she wasn’t kidding going by the hashtag for her impromptu Q&A: #askmeanbadu 

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From relationship dealbreakers to date ideas, Badu brought her distinct humor to her answers while also dropping some major relationship keys (and she wasn’t even mean!)

Here are our favorites:

On self-love and confidence while dating

On dealbreakers

On whether people with different views can be together

On anger management

On when it’s time to leave

On when you know it’s real

On managing your child support

On questioning your relationship status

On friends with benefits

On what makes a good date…

Yup! This is all advice we could do with hearing! Thanks Ms. Badu!