Legends Erykah Badu and The D.O.C wished their daughter, Puma, a heartfelt birthday message, using the opportunity to share her birth story.

Puma turned 15 on Friday, and Badu made sure to share a video of The D.O.C and herself wishing their daughter the best wishes.

“We want to say happy birthday, Puma. You were born in this bed,” Badu says in the video, pointing to the bed she is sitting on.

The D.O.C goes on to describe the home birth with Badu sharing some of the steps she took, including chakras, meditation and the use of a midwife, to ensure a successful birth.

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15 summers .

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“You did a front flip out right here in this spot,” The D.O.C. remembered. “And Badu was up walking 15 minutes later.”

Overall, the duo shared how proud of Puma they were.

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“You know how I feel sister queen, I love you. You are growing into a beautiful young woman,” Badu said. “Trustworthy and kind and transparent. You are an improvement on my design, for sure.”

“You’d rather be an improvement on that design,” The D.O.C joked.

They also said that they will be holding a rite of passage ceremony for Puma, which is “a reminder and a welcome into womanhood by all of your tribe and family on both sides and the ancestors walk with you as well,” Badu described.

“It’s an initiation into a different realm of who you are.”

Happy 15th birthday, Puma!


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