‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Gray Questioned Over 7-Eleven Food Fight
Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Recently released body cam footage shows Empire actor Bryshere Gray being questioned after a food fight broke out at a 7-Eleven in Orlando, Florida.

According to TMZ, Gray and a friend were involved in a food fight at the store when a clerk hurled food at the actor after Gray’s friend spit on the floor.

Police body cam footage shows Gray being questioned about the incident, admitting his friend spit on the floor and adding that he was already cleaning it up when the clerk threw food at him. The actor returned fire by hurling a bag of chips at the clerk.

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However, the store clerk shared a different story. She claims it was Gray who spat on the floor and began throwing things first. Both the actor and the clerk are confident security footage will back up their stories.

No arrests have been made while the footage is being reviewed. The store clerk has stated that she would like to press charges, while Gray has declined to.


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