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Eminem Rips Into Donald Trump At The BET Hip Hop Awards

If you missed Tuesday night’s BET Hip Hop Awards, then you missed an epic Trump takedown from Eminem.

The rapper dropped a freestyle ripping into the former reality star, calling out Trump’s selfishness, incompassion, and racism. Eminem also slammed the president for his response to Puerto Rico, Charlottesville, and Las Vegas. 

The freestyle, titled “Storm,” was filmed in Detroit for the awards show and, aside from the Trump disses, Eminem namedrops Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick, Steve Bannon, Hillary Clinton, and references John McCain. Kaepernick even responed to the rapper’s freestyle, “I appreciate you.”

This isn’t the first time Em has come for Trump. The rapper called out the Twitter-loving leader during the UK’s Reading Festival, telling the crowd he “can’t stand” the president.

Trump has a tendency to respond to anyone who calls him out, so we’ll see how long it takes the former reality star to lash out at Eminem.