After being accused by more than a dozen women on social media of various forms of sexual misconduct, D’usse Palooza has cut ties with host Christopher “Chris Stylezz” Samuels.

On Monday, photographer Cheyenne Skyy detailed an experience with Samuels on Twitter, claiming that the host “left me on a random street corner in the middle of Brooklyn at 3 a.m.” after she wouldn’t have sex with him. Skyy also claims that Samuels tried to force her to give him oral sex.

Soon after multiple women came forward, sharing similar stories of how Samuels either mistreated or flashed them in an effort to get them to have sex.

By Tuesday night, Samuels took to Instagram Live, against his circle’s wishes, he said, to defend himself against allegations of rape.

“I still can stand on what I did. I still can stand on disrespecting women. I still can stand on that I was wrong,” he said during a lengthy Instagram Live. “Rape? I’m not standing on that.”

“If it is the case, please, I implore you to go to the authorities,” Samuels added. “Do it!”

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D’usse Palooza, which began as an invite-only house party known as Henny Palooza back in 2012, blew up, becoming a well-attended traveling party. Samuels was known as being a frequent fixture on stage during the events that offered copious amounts of D’usse.

By Tuesday evening, the organization offered a lengthy statement in response to the women’s allegations against Samuels.

“We are aware of the allegation made against one of our staff members. We are currently conducting an internal investigation around this allegation. Until the investigation has been concluded, that staff member has been placed on indefinite leave,” the statement began.

“With that said, we have always made safety for our consumers, talent and staff our top priority,” it continued. “We pride ourselves in creating a very safe and enjoyable environment for all. That will remain our focus moving forward into our future shows and events. After further consideration, we have decided to sever ties with the staff member who was initially put under internal investigation. Effective immediately, said staff member is no longer a part of the Palooza team and will not host any of our events going forward.”

The statement concluded, “It has always been our goal to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels safe. We adamantly reject any instance where women are made to feel otherwise.”

Other members of D’usse Palooza also released statement on social media, including founder Kameron McCullough.

“I’m shocked and appalled at what I’ve discovered over the past 30 hours. My heart goes out to all of the women affected,” he wrote Tuesday on Twitter. “Women should never be made to feel unsafe, coerced or pressured to do anything they don’t want to do.”


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