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Drake Fans Think They've Uncovered Who The Real "Kiki" Is

Drake Fans Think They’ve Uncovered Who The Real “Kiki” Is
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Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few days, you’ve seen the Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge take over the internet and your feeds. The challenge was initiated by Instagram comedian @TheShiggyShow after he posted a video on June 29th of himself wearing an all-pink sweatsuit and dancing out the lyrics to Drake’s “In My Feelings” track from his new album Scorpion. The Internet went crazy, with everyone hopping out of their cars to record themselves dancing along and asking, “kiki, do you love me?” But perhaps the real question is, who is the “Kiki” he’s refering to, and more importantly, does she? A number of celebrities, Drake fans and Drake himself have all stepped in to give their own rendition of “The Shiggy,” but they’re not stopping there. They’re also chasing clues in the lyrics in search of the real life Kiki. In Scorpion’s “In My Feelings” song, the famous line states, “Kiki, do you love me/Are you riding?” and all Drake fans have been questioning who this mystery Kiki woman might be. A number of Kiki imposters have outed themselves online, but die-hard Drake fans believe the real Kiki is his former flame, singer Keshia Chanté. Keshia who is a fellow Canadian, singer and TV personality, apparently dated Drake back when they were just teenagers. Way before he was the Champagne Papi we all have grown to love, he was simply Aubrey from Toronto, and the two were a couple at the young age of 14. As the relationship faded, and the years went by, both their careers continued to grow, and they managed to remain friends. Keshia shared with Ebro in The Morning that she will always view Drake as “such a good person” and to know “Aubrey is to love him.” Neither Drake nor Keshia has officially confirmed that she is in fact the mystery woman referenced in the song, but this lead feels strong.