In Dr. Trimm’s upcoming book History Maker, she coaches current and future leaders on how to navigate the journey to greatness in order to become a person destined to make history. The book weaves in God-inspired lessons and messages grounded in faith and leadership and offers instruction on how to be a problem-solving, history-making trailblazer in a complex world. History Maker’s forward states: “The message is not about religion, but rather about knowing God intimately enough to communicate with him and discern his solutions.” “Two things: When I got rid of religion I found God, and the second thing is Christianity is my life strategy, ” Dr. Trimm told ESSENCE. “My greatest role model, of course, is Jesus Christ. He was able to build cultures of empowerment. He was able to reach people where they were and connect them to God’s original plan and purpose. And not let who they are conflict with who they could be.” “Religion tells you how to love God,” she explained, “Jesus did not come as a religious individual. A lot of people have turned the Bible into a bunch of dos and don’ts but there is so much you can do when you live righteously and ethically. There’s so much you can do to make this world a better place, that we don’t have time for the donts.” True to her book’s title, Dr. Trimm is the ultimate history maker. Hailing from Bermuda, she is a former senator, teacher and empowerment specialist best-known for her moving messages on soul healing, strategic living and prayer. As the best selling author of 40-Day Soul Fast, Commanding Your Morning, and the Prayer Warrior’s Way, Dr. Trimm has traveled the world with her lectures and teachings and is currently a part of a team of practitioners from various faiths, racial and career backgrounds who have developed a think tank on how best to move humanity forward by helping individuals to recognize they are leaders. Next weekend Dr. Trimm will host her annual End Your Year Strong conference in Atlanta (Nov 10-12) where thought leaders and developing pioneers from across the country will gather for three days of Biblical teaching, prayer and encouragement. “I feel potential overlooked, unrealized and underdeveloped is a threat to the advancement of humanity. So by engaging in an empowerment process as well as a capacity-building process, I believe that every single person can contribute to the health of their community. But in order to get there, emerging leaders require a lot of guidance, resources and support.” Listen to more snippets from the interview here.