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Can’t get your daughter to pick up her toys? Disney’s set to release the perfect submission tool–the limited edition Princess Tianna Doll. Disney’s first Black princess looks radiant dressed like she was plucked right out of the Bayou wedding scene from “The Princess and the Frog“, with big curls that frame her face, a gorgeous multi-layered dress detailed with rhinestones and a little bridal bling to frost her ears and neck. Our favorite accessory has to be the puckering frog prince, awaiting his kiss from his princess bride. You can pre-order the doll–exclusively sold at Disney Store–for $99.50 and get a three-disk (DVD, BluRay and Disney File) edition of the new Disney Classic, meaning you’ll push a hard bargain for a clean room. Seriously, milk it and and you could have the most obedient kid on the block. Plus it’ll be fun to watch her freak over Princess Tiana. Read More

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