Diana Ross’ Unmatched Hair Journey Through The Years
Frank Carroll/NBCU Photo Bank

To say I’ve always been comfortable with my hair would be a lie. Although I never saw my curls as bad or unacceptable, the truth is it took some time for me to truly love my God-given coils.

Like any other millennial, I’ve found solace and inspiration through my discovery of iconic and big-haired women. Now, I knew who Diana Ross was long before computers came into my life, but my appreciation for her expansive hair journey leveled up after taking a deep dive into her career on through photo-focused sites like Pinterest.  

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Beyond her longstanding music and film career, Ross is in a league all her own, simply because her look went through an equally iconic evolution. There isn’t a hairstyle she hasn’t tried–trust me, I’ve done the research. What I love most about seeing Ross’ hair journey is how confident and unapologetic she was in her hair. It’s certainly helped me embrace my own.

And because it’s Black History Month, there’s no better time to look back at just how singular her mane moments are. 

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