Diana Ross Celebrates 35th Anniversary Of Iconic Central Park Show
Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images

Legend Diana Ross is celebrating the 35th anniversary of her iconic Central Park shows that took place in New York City the summer of 1983.

The singer tweeted the anniversary news on Saturday.

“35 Years Ago TODAY!”  she wrote. “Central Park. Endless Memories…Thanks for the Moment.”

Ross performed at the park’s Great Lawn on July 21 and 22 that year to raise money for the Diana Ross Playground Fund to rebuild a playground on West 81st Street. The concerts were aired worldwide on Showtime cable network.

The first performance famously ended early after a downpour that forced hundreds of thousands to flee.

“Miss Ross, who had been singing for about 25 minutes on an open stage before the rain began falling, tried to continue the performance,” the New York Times reported.

“But as the storm intensified and thunderclaps resounded across the park, drenched fans started streaming toward the exits. Miss Ross, dripping wet in an orange sequin bodysuit, kept singing, and between songs urged the crowd to leave slowly and not to panic. Finally, at about 7:15, she finished singing ‘’Muscles’’ and left the stage.”

The second concert went ahead without a hitch. A DVD of the performance, which was directed by Steve Binder, was released in 2012.

Her daughter, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, also tweeted out her pride at the 35th year anniversary of the shows. 

“35 years ago today!” she wrote. “Mama,  you are simply amazing.”