No matter where he goes, Denzel Washington is one of those mega stars that’s down to earth. The 62-year-old proved this recently during a visit to the South Side of Chicago where he surprised an elderly woman and her family.

The actor was reportedly heading to Leon’s Barbecue on Saturday when he stopped to greet the Hubbard family that was sitting outside the family home.

As reported by ABC 7, Washington used to have family in the same neighborhood and as child used to visit. In the video, Hubbard is seen holding Washington’s arm as he tells stories about being “5, 6, 7” years old and visiting family down the street at 86th and Harper. In addition to greeting the family and taking pictures, Washington also delivered a famous line from a fan-favorite film, Training Day

“What’s up little man? You don’t know who I am but they’ll tell you one day,” Washington says to a child standing on the porch. “My name is Denzel. Y’all ‘gon watch a movie— but don’t watch Training Day.” 

Laughing with the family, an older gentleman begins a line from the film,  to which Washington follows up, “Twenty-three hour lock down! I’m the man up in this piece!” The scene is one of the more iconic moments from the 2001 Academy Award-winning film. 

Washington is currently filming The Equalizer 2 with Pedro Pascal (Narcos) and Bill Pullman (Independence Day). 


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