Denzel Washington Remembers Last Moments with His Father
Tim P. Whitby

Denzel Washington shared an intimate moment with T.D. Jakes in an upcoming episode of the pastor’s show.

The Oscar-winning actor is on his media rounds to promote Fences, the August Wilson play in which Washington stars and directs and is sure to be an Oscar nomination front-runner. But in a preview of the episode set to air Thursday, Washington also opened up his last moments with his father, who was a preacher that died of multiple strokes.

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While working on Malcolm X, Washington recalls being called to come see his father. At first sight, he was caught up in the moment and decided to give his father a kiss. His father, who was suffering from the effects of the strokes, did not react well.

But Washington puts it down to it being an unusual act for them to share. “I had never kissed my father, and he had never kissed me.”

Watch the preview and catch the episode on Thursday.