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Denzel Washington Helps Homeless Man Walking In Los Angeles Traffic

The celebrated actor came to the rescue of a homeless man in L.A. and stayed on the scene when the police arrived. 

Denzel Washington is a hero on the big screen. And now a new viral video proves he’s that dude even when Hollywood cameras aren’t rolling.

The Academy Award–winning actor was driving in Los Angeles on May 21 when he spotted a seemingly homeless man in the street and pulled over to guide him away from oncoming traffic, USA Today reports. Another individual spotted the Malcolm X star and called the police. 

The incident, captured on video, shows Washington, who’s wearing a face mask, assisting the man, who wore a light blue hoodie but didn’t have a protective face covering. In the full clip, Washington is seen talking to the man and putting his hand on his shoulder assuringly.

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Rex Chapman, former NBA player and Denver Nuggets Vice President, posted the video to Twitter Thursday—showing Washington in Good Samaritan mode, talking with three police officers and acting as a go-between for the man and the cops. The man was later handcuffed as Washington put extra masks in his pocket. 

In light of the recent killing of George Floyd by a White police officer in Minnesota, Washington’s act of kindness has gone viral on social media; and fans chimed in on Twitter to show gratitude and appreciation for the former Boys and Girls Club member. 

“Denzel out there in an old T-shirt, doing the good work. Maybe saving a life. Being a good example for all of us,” one user wrote.

Another user tweeted, “Denzel Washington did what anybody should do in that kind of situation.”

“After what happened to George Floyd, this helped take the edge off. Thank you Denzel Washington. #BlackLivesMatter,” yet another shared.

An LAPD sergeant confirmed that the man “didn’t want to be a harm to himself or others, and he was on his way, and Denzel left.”

We’re giving a shout-out to Washington for doing the good work!