The Throwback Beyoncé Song On Dej Loaf’s Summer Playlist
Monica Schipper

Admittedly, Dej Loaf is a bit of a girlie-girl these days. The Detroit-bred rapper who used to wear bucket hats and basketball jerseys, has turned a new leaf.

“I’m definitely into makeup now, surprisingly,” she told ESSENCE. “I love it. Besides the makeup, it’s trying new things. I was coming from wearing my natural short hair and I remember I said, ‘I would never wear weave,’ and I was just anti-that. I just never felt like it looked good on me, but I also had never tried it in a better quality of it. For me, I think it’s about reinventing yourself, and keeping people on their toes, and not being stagnant.”

In June she released her first single, “No Fear” off her forthcoming, major label debut album Liberated —out later this year.

The uptempo, summer song is about being open to the joys of love. Having had a public romance and split with another rapper last year, we can expect her to be vulnerable on the album.

“Failure has always been my biggest fear,” the 26-year-old admitted. “‘No Fear’ was just me being just free and feeling free and just letting it all out. It’s a song about being seriously in love and just not being… not having fear in anything that you do. The whole album pretty much sounds like this, but just every song has a different message and a different feeling.”

Aside from her new single “No Fear”, Dej Loaf will be jamming out to these songs all season!