Dealing with Personal Ice Storms
Keith Major

To all the ATL readers, I have a confession: New Yorkers were shaking their heads at you during your recent storms. Many of us couldn’t understand how a “little ice” could cripple a city. But being a Miami native, I did. When you’re not prepared, a storm can immobilize you.

Yesterday, I watched coverage of this latest round of storms traveling up the coast. Cars were sliding, spinning and getting stuck in Raleigh, NC. I immediately thought of my youngest sister who lives there. Seconds later—as if she could read my mind—I received a text stating that her typical 30-minute commute became a four-and-a-half hour nightmare.

Later, as she detailed her story, it touched on my own fears. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a healthy respect for Mother Nature. When she has something to say… I listen! I love to drive, but one slide in the snow and I’m ready to put my car in park.

In life, many of us are dealing with the effects of a personal ice storm. Unprepared and ill equipped for what life has thrown at us, we’re spinning our wheels and getting nowhere. We live with the sense that we “should” be in a different place. We know that we could do more. We know that we are living in low gear…but we don’t know how to move from where we are to where our potential can really take us.

My sister shared the following three key things she did as everything around her came to a complete halt that can help us all:

1. Pray: Something happens when we “put it out there.” Countless times in my life, I’ve asked God to make things clear and He’s answered. Even if you don’t subscribe to my belief system, many others can attest to the law of attraction working in their lives. Prayer helped my sister to calm herself, focus and remember she’d been through worse storms living in upstate NY. In coaching, I often have to teach my clients to live from a place of victory, because too often we identify ourselves with defeat.

2. Keep Moving: Wedged in between cars and facing the possibility of being stuck in the storm, my sister moved her car back and forth to free herself from the snow. When we’re stuck, inertia sets in because we are looking to make the “perfect” move. Meanwhile, viable opportunities pass us by. Sometimes, we simply have to act to produce momentum. Eventually, something will give us the traction we need to be propelled forward.

3. Take the Back Roads: Just because everybody else does it, doesn’t make it right for you. Getting into massive action may require that you approach your goal from a completely different direction. The road less travelled can be scary, but sometimes it has more opportunity. While everyone else is struggling to make progress on the traditional route, you can get it done, doing your own thing! Many times my clients come locked into ”how” they think things need to happen in order to reach their goals. Together, we reset their mental GPS. While the goal may be fixed, the route there has many options.

Do Your Work: Discuss your dilemma with an objective friend. Commit to following at least one piece of their advice. Find out how I can help you get unstuck, schedule a free 20-minute laser coaching session.

Define Your Wealth: Affirm out loud “I am open to living beyond my comfort zone in order to experience transformation!”

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