Digital Diva: Janelle Langford

Occupation: Creative Director, publicist and Social Media Strategist at SUITE PR

Location: Harlem, NYC

Owning and operating a boutique public relations and social media agency is all in a day’s work for Janelle Langford. The Texas transplant, who is taking The Big Apple by storm, stays on top of her game with the help of fabulous devices and trusty apps. Meetings, dinner and designer fashion shows help make SUITE PR one of the best firms in the business. Let’s take a glimpse into the life of this 30-something ‘Digital Diva’ and see how navigating through busy days is easy as wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps!

7:00am: Wake  up to the Alarm Clock app on both my iPad and iPhone—I have a serious snooze button problem.

8:00am: I start my day with devotion on the Bible app on my iPhone. It’s a great app that has the entire bible, several translations and daily devotional for renewed pastors.

8:15am: After devotion I complete my brain exercise on the Lumosity app on my iPad. The goal is to start my day focused and in tune with my purpose. Lumosity provides brain exercises to help with memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving. Everything a PR girl needs to get through her day!

9:00 am: Work has begun! I’m checking emails, going between my iPhone and MacBook Air. This goes on for at least another hour and half.

10:30 am: Review scheduled social media posts on Hootsuite and Facebook on my iPad, build style inspirations on the Polyvore, connect with editors over LinkedIn and keep my business afloat with the DocStoc apps for HR, contracts and agreements.

2:00 pm: It’s time for a serious mental and food break! Lunch consists of takeout and I quickly scroll through Urbanspoon to see what is near my Madison Avenue office. I am all about convenience and Urbanspoon rocks when it comes to finding the best at every cuisine. 

3:30 pm: A quick fashion fix is needed so I quickly log onto the F Network app, which allows one to preview fashion show reviews. Since I have a ton of fashion clients, staying on top of the game for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a plus. Afterwards I scroll over to Beautylish for the top beauty notes, tutorials and trends.

6:15pm: My day is beginning to end so I must review my invoices and expenses on my Freshbooks apps. This allows me to organize and edit every receipt, bill and purchase. If you have poor bookkeeping skills, this app is a lifesaver!

8:30 pm: I spoke too soon: A client calls so I put on my stilettos, grab my designer bag and head downtown for a quick meeting; I usually rely on either Hop Stop for directions to the venue or iTRain app to see how long my commute will be. I rely heavily on my trusty iPhone for this public relations mission.

10:15 pm: Crisis solved! My meeting was successful so now it’s time to eat. On the way back uptown, I add to my grocery list on the Fresh Direct app and order dinner to meet me at home on Grub Hub.

11:30 pm: Another of my obsessions is interior design, so before heading to bed, I pull out my iPad and do a little window shopping on the Joss & Main app. I am always searching for ways to redesign my space. I guess it’s the fashion girl in me!

2:00am: Before hitting the sheets, I click on my Daily Burn app for a quick 15-minute workout. A full day requires a cool down and this does the trick. Afterwards I place the phone on its charger and await for the next day to arrive!

Apps to Use When Working:

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1. Hootsuite

2. Facebook

3. Freshbooks

4. DocStoc

Apps for all your Style Needs:

1. Joss & Main

2. F Network

3. Beautylish

4. Polyvore

Apps for the Soul:

1. iBible

2. Lumosity

3. Daily Burn

Apps for the Girl on the Go!:

1. Fresh Direct

2. Grub Hub

3. Hop Stop

4. iTrain

5. Urbanspoon