Dame Dash Confronts Pepa With Claims She Enabled His Son’s Alcoholism In New ‘GUHH’ Clip

WEtv’s Growing Up Hip Hop is taking a serious look at addiction in an upcoming episode that will focus on Dame Dash’s son Boogie and his battle with addiction.

In a new clip, things get a bit tense between Dame Dash and Pepa, who Dash confronts about giving his son alcohol.

“So, when I handed him a drink at my party last time that spiraled him out?” Pepa asks Dash, who confirms that Boogie began spiraling after having a drink at one of her parties. “He was never the same since then,” Dash says.

Things intensify after that with Pepa questioning whether that moment was really what sparked Boogie’s problems and admitting she was unaware of Boogie’s previous battles with addiction.

Dash then says, “If he doesn’t go to rehab, y’all not seeing him no more. I’m not gonna help put money in his pocket to buy drugs because kids are dying out here, it’s not just liquor.” 

The show, currently in its fourth season, has a number of ups and downs ahead

This season tackles Boogie’s battle with addiction, seeing an intervention become heated as Dame steps in to save his son. 

And, will also take a look at Angela Simmons’ love life, as the TV personality and mom admits she’s single, sparking discussions about she and Romeo rekindling their love. Plus, Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis and Egypt Criss bring a little drama with Egypt allegedly dating a scammer

A new episode of Growing Up Hip Hop airs tonight at 9 pm ET on WEtv.