New Cover Girl Star Massy Arias And Her Daughter Indi Will Steal Your Heart

Lauren Porter Oct, 06, 2017

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The 27-year-old Dominican Republic born fitness influencer welcomed her daughter, Indira Sarai (aka Indi) in February of 2017 and ever since, she's been the apple of her mother's eye.

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Massy and her partner, fellow fitness influencer Stefan Williams, spend mornings with baby Indi having some Instagram fun. Can you blame them? She's cute as a button with and without the filter!

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With baby Indi by her side, Massy has the best workout buddy ever. They can coordinate outfits and take turns hitting the weights. Honestly, our hearts can't take it!

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Kisses for her precious baby girl, Indi is so loved!

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Playing peak-a-boo with this little one has to be such a joy!

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Who knew baby smiles could steal our hearts like this!

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Mommy and me moments with Massy and Indi are picture perfect.

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They woke up like this, #flawless!

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We can't handle the beautiful radiating from this photo!

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Just hanging out with mom, being too cute for words!