Confused Ja Rule Learns The Definition Of The N-Word
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Should we start revoking access to the Internet? In Ja Rule‘s case, maybe.

The rapper recently shared a number of tweets that make us think maybe he should log off for a bit.

On Wednesday, the “Holla Holla” rapper tweeted, “Wow I just learned something that blew my mind. My whole life I was taught the word “n—-r” didn’t mean “black” it meant ignorance, but I just looked it up and it’s always meant black smh tell the kids the truth…”

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He later added, “I’m so confused. I need my history majors on this. If the word n—-r just means black, how did it become a derogatory term???”

Ja has fired off other, uh, questionable tweets this week, including taking shots at the mayhem surrounding the Popeyes chicken sandwich.

“Y’all really out here acting like n—-s over a f–king chicken sandwich… smh,” he wrote on Twitter. “Now I’m never gonna eat one on principles (sic) alone!!! F–king idiots. Y’all are what’s wrong with our people. I’m so disappointed in my ppl. We better than this…”

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Fans were quick to respond to the rapper, calling him out over the ill-fated Fyre Festival.

But it seems none of this was enough to stop the chicken sandwich hater, who later tweeted, “Smh, so f–king embarrassing… idgaf if nobody wanna say it YALL ARE F–KING BUGGING it’s a chicken sandwich…Some people will never see the forest through the trees…”

“Here’s the funny s–t I live in a white neighborhood and guess what Popeyes didn’t have when my son went THE CHICKEN SANDWICH… 🤔 hmmm wonder why???”

Hmmm, well, we guess that’s food for thought.