Coach Felicia: Time Management Equals Life Management
Keith Major
The holidays aren’t even over and many of my clients and friends are already focused on 2016. Apparently, it will be the year for the dateless to date, for pounds to come off, homes to get organized and the list goes on. But, why wait?! Why delay the answers and changes you need a second longer? The turning of the annual clock falsely lures us into thinking that just because there has been a calendar reset we automatically get a life reset. Oh how I wish that was true! But here’s the reality…unless you deal with the internal and external barriers that keep you stuck…nothing will change! For the next three weeks, I am going to share some tips that will help increase your productivity and eliminate procrastination from your mind, your habits…your life! We can’t really talk about changing the quality of our lives, without a proper discussion on time. Here are four key things to remember about time: 1. Time Management = Life Management: We all do our daily living in the space of twenty-four hours. Yet our lives are so very different. While there are many factors beyond our control, the one thing all of us can do is make quality decisions about our time. Your time is your life. So when people ask you to come over, hang out, text you or call you…they are not asking for some of your time, they are taking up some of your life. 2. Time is Like Money: Our time should not be spent, it should be invested. Many of us have money and productivity problems because we consistently engage in transactional interactions. We spend money on clothing items that depreciate and we spend time on people who depreciate us. Start looking for the places and people you need to invest in! Investment means that there will be exponential returns—you and your life will be better! 3. You Can’t Get it ALL done: It can all be done, but that doesn’t mean that you can do it all. The road to productivity begins when we learn how to focus on the things that matter most and that we do best. There are times in life when you are irreplaceable and that means you have to step up to the plate. But, too often, we engage in activities and complete tasks where we are really nothing more than filler space. Accepting that you can’t get it all done helps you to identify and focus on the things that YOU MUST do. 4. You Can Create Value Shifts Through Time Shifts: There are things in life we know we should make time for, but we don’t because we fail to value them. Top of mind for me is exercise. I know its benefits, but starting on the path is painful and requires discipline. However, times past have shown me that if I schedule exercise into my calendar as a practice, it eventually becomes a value as my body experiences its benefits. Don’t wait for the feeling to do what you know needs to be done. Sometimes feelings follow action! Just do your work! Do Your Work: List the top three things you’ve procrastinated doing. Identify what has been stopping you. Determine if it is an internal or external barrier. Commit to using the tips you’ll be learning to complete these goals. Define Your Wealth: “I am determined to live my best life by investing my time doing the right things at the right time with the right people!” Recently named the “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” by eWomenNetwork, Coach Felicia is a Certified Executive Coach who empowers her clients to “Turn their Worth into Wealth” as she partners with them to DISCOVER their WORTH, DO their WORK and DEFINE their WEALTH. Get more insight, download the FREE “8 Choices Winners Must Make!” seminar MP3 at!

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