Coach Felicia: Get Your Happy Up
Keith Major
Sometimes we struggle to be happy. It’s not that we are depressed or even miserable, we just aren’t as fulfilled as we know we could be. Often when we find ourselves in that emotional place, we wonder what we can do to move forward. I used to think that prayer and waiting it out were the answer. And while I still know they are part of the plan, there is more we can do. The science (yes, researched and tested) shows that we need to ask ourselves four questions to get our happy up: 1. What does the mirror say? In the fairy tale, Snow White, the evil queen was “good people” until the mirror told her there was someone better than her. Once that happened, she was hell on wheels and a complete nightmare to her stepdaughter. Fulfillment eludes us when we aren’t happy with what we see in the mirror, both literally and metaphorically speaking. Check your reflection and if what you see doesn’t please you, find out why and work to make changes that bring you closer to what you want. 2. Is your silver tarnished? There is a great gospel classic by the late Timothy Wright that says, “…trouble don’t last always!” Getting our happy up requires that we normalize the woes and whys of life and accept them as part of the process. If we outlast the storms, life will get better again. But the right attitude in the storm is to maintain focus on the things that get us through them. Take time each day to be gratitude centered. Science shows, it makes a difference. Find the silver lining regardless of how big the cloud. 3. Are your wheels spinning in any direction? We all need value-centered goals to give us a sense of hope and purpose. We must consistently engage in activities and projects that matter to us. Many of us are so busy being busy that we dropped fulfillment off on the side of the road a long time ago. If you don’t have any meaningful goals in place, take out a pen and paper right now and write down five things you would like to, and can, change, or achieve, in the next 12 months. Then, get to work on making it happen. 4. Who are the people in your neighborhood? I’m not talking about your literal neighborhood, I am referring to the people you invest the majority of your time in. We have to examine our closest relationships and determine if their overall effect on us is drain or gain? Spending too much time with negative people will deplete us.  While it is unavoidable at times, we have to manage the interactions. List your ten most time consuming relationships and evaluate which category they fall into. Be purposeful about spending more time with those who energize and inspire you. Do Your Work! Determine which steps you need to take from the tips above to get your happy up and activated! Define Your Wealth! “I am listening to my life and will do what it takes to be fulfilled!” Recently named the “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” by eWomenNetwork, Coach Felicia is a Certified Executive Coach who empowers her clients to “Turn their Worth into Wealth” as she partners with them to DISCOVER their WORTH, DO their WORK and DEFINE their WEALTH. Get more insight, download the FREE “8 Choices Winners Must Make!” seminar MP3 at!

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