Coach Felicia: Get Whole In Your Soul
Keith Major

I searched frantically around the room and through my things for my claim ticket. I’d arrived at the workshop over an hour late and in my rush, I misplaced the coat check receipt. I retraced my steps to no avail and then finally noticed a ticket on the floor. “I think that’s my ticket!” I said to my friend, Nancy. She replied, “Really?” and I responded, “Yes!” An awkward moment of silence ensued. “Why don’t you pick it up?” she asked. I calmly replied, “I am over 40. I know I can get down there…but coming back up might be another story!” 

While I may joke about it, the fact that my knees are stiff and I grunt when I bend makes me acutely aware that time is wearing on my anatomy. It bothers me because I am too young to require planning and preparation for simple movement. But what concerns me even more is when I notice the wear and tear of life on my spirit.

Our culture places emphasis on preventative physical measures, but equally—and maybe even more—important is the care we must take of our souls. Though our physical bodies literally have a death sentence, our souls can be strengthened and renewed daily.

I coach women executives and leaders who invest in higher education and physical trainers to strengthen their minds and bodies. But unfortunately, many come to me in a crisis when they finally realize that the foundation for a thriving business, prospering career and relationships is a healthy soul. 

YOU are the foundation for the life you want! We can’t reach our goals, live our dreams and maximize our potential when our spirits are running on fumes. Here are some tips to keep you balanced and restored on a daily basis. 

1. Empower Your Perspective: I believe that when we face challenges and changes with the right attitude, we position ourselves to create a better life out of our experiences. Don’t confuse your destiny with your current reality. Embrace trials as opportunities for growth and decrease the potential for stress and confusion in your mind and body.  

2. Dance in the Moment: National Women’s Health Week just ended, but very few of the women I know were even aware of it. They were too “busy!” We need to practice the art of sitting still and enjoying our present moments. Life is to be savored and enjoyed—not simply rushed and broken down into one-hour appointments on our calendars. Sometimes we are slow on the come up, because our overwhelming agendas took us down in the first place.

3. Accentuate the Positive & Eliminate the Negative: I used to hear a song with those words as a kid.  Simple instructions that would transform some of our sophisticated adult thinking. Many of us struggle to think positive and give up too soon when it takes a while to reprogram what we’ve been telling ourselves for years. The best way to keep the soul healthy is to keep garbage out of your mind!

Do Your Work: Declutter your soul daily. Take five minutes at the end of each day getting the day’s anxiety off your chest. Spend a few minutes in solitude and release potentially harmful attitudes and thoughts!

Define Your Wealth: Affirm out loud: “I have a healthy and well-fed soul!” 

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