‘Claws’ Star Karrueche Tran On That Finale Surprise And What’s Next
This article originally appeared on EW. What a finale. Guns were pulled, backs were stabbed, kids were napped, and by the end of it, Reva and the Russians still landed on top. With the leverage of Jen’s daughter Breanne, a double agent on the inside of Uncle Daddy’s drug ring, and a party of gun-slinging grannies, Reva acquired all of Uncle Daddy’s drug business, plus Desna and crew. Despite helping save Desna from the amusement park and Roller, Virginia misses a lot of the action in the finale. She does, however, get a major plot twist toward the end of the episode. When Virginia and Dean arrive to the salon, she leaves Desna and Dean to talk in privacy about their falling out. Then she goes into the restroom to take a pregnancy test and… two lines, hunny! Karrueche Tran, who plays the scrappy junior nail artist, talked to EW about how Virginia’s pregnancy might not be what we think it is, alternate guesses for the baby daddy, and a potential Virginia backstory. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Obviously, the biggest twist for Virginia in the finale is she is pregnant. KARRUECHE TRAN: [Pauses] Yeah… ish. [Laughs] I gotta shut up. Yeah. I can’t say much! You’re trying to get too much out of me! Yeah, she’s pregnant. The pregnancy test says she’s pregnant! Yeah, in the finale she is pregnant… Let me tell you. Claws is a crazy show. There are so many twists and turns. I’m just gonna leave it at that, but when it ends, Virginia is pregnant. You just gotta watch the next season. I’m biting my tongue right now. I’m holding back. So when she does see the results of that test, what is her thought process in that moment? Oh, s—t. Virginia, I think she’s been pregnant before. She’s probably had a few abortions in her life. But this is interesting because it’s a time where she’s dating Dean. It’s not too far from when she’s dating Roller, so there’s a question of… I mean, everybody is going to assume it’s Dean, but maybe it’s Roller’s, but it’s probably Dean’s. You don’t know. Oh, no, and then if it’s Dean, she has to deal with Desna, and although she likes Dean, she kind of knows at the same time she has to pull back from that because he’s very serious and she doesn’t want to hurt him. There’s a lot that’s going through her head. I kind of wish we had gotten more of a reckoning between Desna and Virginia because obviously, Desna is very upset with her. Do you think we’ll get that in season 2? I don’t know what’s exactly happening. But, I think there is going to be a moment where it is talked about between the two. It has to be. I think there’s going to be a breakdown of everything. Dean, in his mind, he still wants to get married. I definitely think there’s going to be a conversation at some point. The scene in the back of the van with Desna after she saves Virginia from a porn gig gone wrong shows how this character still has a lot to learn. How do you think Virginia has grown over the season? I think that she has evolved tremendously. When you’re first introduced to her, you’re like, who is this girl? She’s a little ghetto, she’s rude, she’s young, she doesn’t care, she’s raunchy, she goes behind Desna’s back. But, as the season goes, she opens up. She’s like an onion, layers are being peeled back and there’s more that’s revealed about her. And she’s more than just a stripper girl. She’s more than just being Roller’s girlfriend, just another girl that came out of the strip club. She has so much depth, so much meaning, and so much reason as to why she is what she is. Not having a family when she grew up, that’s why she’s so intrigued by this bond these women have because she’s never seen that before. And these women are all so individually unique and different that it doesn’t make sense, but it makes so much sense. And they get along so well and she wants to be a part of that. She’s opened up to a new world of nail art. That’s a career for her. Now that she’s exposed to it, she can work on it. I think you just watch Virginia grow and then you slowly see different sides of her. Is there anything you want season 2 to address? Or things that you want to do but haven’t gotten the chance? I just love the concept of opening up Virginia more and just revealing more about her and her life. I think maybe more about her backstory would explain a lot about who she is and why she is the way she is. Maybe just more on that. The crew stays loyal to Desna when she has to go back to the salon even though that incriminates them more. Why do Virginia and them decide to do that? Our loyalty lies with Desna. She’s the backbone of the group. She has tremendously helped all the girls in various situations that they’ve been in. She helped Quiet Ann when she was in jail and got stabbed. She helped Polly when she was in jail. She helped Jen through certain times. She’s been there for all of us. She’s like the mother hen of the group. It would be crazy for us to turn our backs on her. It will be one of those things where we have this bond and understanding that if one of us goes down, we’re all going down together. We’re not going to rat each other out. Will the Russian/Dixie Mafia/Haitian drug war will be driving season 2’s plot? Yeah. What other plots will be addressed and will drive the plot as well? What things are left to tie up? I think it’s going to be like the show is: a little bit of everything. With the ending, it opens up that big drug war, like what’s going to happen with Reva and the Russians and with Dr. Ruval and the Haitians, and Uncle Daddy? We’re going to see what happens with Desna and Dr. Ruval, where Jen and Bryce’s relationship is going to go. What’s going to happen with Roller and Bryce? There’s still so much left that’s open. Eliot Laurence, the writer, is so fricking awesome. Sometimes I just wonder where he got his brain from. What’s going on in his mind? Because he knows how to create a great story and make twists and turns, and to keep the story going, and still be emotional and drawn into it. I’m predicting a Roller-Dean-Virginia love triangle. I don’t know. That’s so funny because I never even thought about that. I never even looked at that, so maybe you just brought something up that I didn’t even realize. That would be a very interesting twist. It could happen, but with everything going on, I’m not sure there will be a love triangle because of everything that has happened. I don’t know if Virginia will go back down that road with Roller. And I don’t know if Roller would do that to Dean because Roller has a sensitive spot for Dean, and I think he knows how much Dean likes me and is interested in this relationship. You never know.

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