Claudia Jordan Says Black Women Are Bashed For Fighting On TV: No One Says ‘A Peep About Mob Wives’
Prince Williams/ Getty Images

Claudia Jordan told the #NoJudgmentZone audience she was proud of how she portrayed herself on Real Housewives of Atlanta when host Keke Palmer asked if she receives criticism for what some may feel portrays Black women on TV in a negative light. 

The reality star and talk show host said in general everything Black people do is amplified if it’s negative and minimized if it’s positive. 

“Every time there’s a White police officer killing a Black person they want to bring it back around to Black on Black crime and how we have to get that under control, but White on White crime is the same exact percentage,” Jordan says. “You kill who you live by, you kill who is in your vicinity. It’s a very small difference in percentage. Don’t believe this hype that it’s just a Black thing that we’re doing.” 

Jordan says people make a big fuss when Black women on reality TV fight, but are silent when White women do it. 

“When Black women get in fights on reality television [she’s considered an] angry Black woman,” she says. “I don’t hear a peep about ‘Mob Wives’ and they fight every single show. Everything we do is magnified when we do something wrong and everything is minimized when we do something right. That’s what they do to us.”