Christopher Darden Says ‘Hide The Women And Children’ After OJ Simpson Lands Parole
Lou Rocco

Former Los Angeles prosecutor Christopher Darden isn’t too excited about the results of OJ Simpson’s recent parole hearing.

The Juice could be set loose as early as October 1 after he was granted parole last Thursday.

Darden, who worked as a prosecutor on the 1994 homicide trial against OJ Simpson, was spotted in New York City, where TMZ asked for his opinion on Simpson’s parole. 

“The Juice is loose,” he said. “Hide the women and children.” Adding that the decision to grant Simpson parole ‘’is what it is.” 

However, Darden does believe that the 1994 trial should have been factored in during the hearing after Simpson claimed he’d never drawn a weapon. Darden called Simpson’s claim that he’s a nice guy “bulls—t.”

Well, ok.

Simpson was arrested and sentenced to 33 years in prison in 2008 after being charged with a number of felony counts including robbery, assault, and kidnapping in a Las Vegas armed robbery. On July 21, Simpson was granted parole. His release date is set for October 1