Chloé and Halle Bailey Talk Working With Beyoncé
Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

It’s not hard to see why Beyoncé signed singing sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey to a $1 million deal. 

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The Atlanta born ingénues are as talented as they are winsome and seem destined for stardom. This is one of the reasons the Grammy winning wife, mother and superstar encouraged the Baileys—Chloe is 17 and Halle is 15—to keep rocking their lovely locs and to be authentic.

“She said, ‘Don’t look down at the comments’ and be yourselves,’” says Chloe, while attending the recent ESSENCE Black Women in Music pre-Grammys event in Hollywood. The Baileys, who now live in Los Angeles, started off acting in movies like 2006’s Last Holiday, but gained fame as preteens singing on YouTube. “[Beyoncé] always says, ‘stay true to yourselves.’”

Beyoncé accepts us for who we are and we love our hair and she loves our hair,” Halle adds. “She also tells us not to change for anybody or anything.” 

It’s a piece of advice Bey also follows, as she proved to fans with her latest song, “Formation,” and its polarizing, pro-Black music video. 

The sisters say they knew their boss and mentor was working on the video, but couldn’t tell a soul. “We love the video,” Chloe says. “She slayed,” adds Halle.

The pair is equally tight-lipped about Beyonce’s upcoming tour and will not divulge whether or not they’re on the lineup.  

“We can’t talk about that,” says Chloe. “But we will be putting out original music very soon.” 

Spoken like the true professionals they are. 


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