Chicago Public School Student Write Open Letter Thanking Chance The Rapper
Donato Sardella

Chance The Rapper has been dropping good will — and checks—in recent weeks. And the direct beneficiaries of his work want to let him know that his efforts are not going unnoticed.

In a letter published in Billboard Wednesday, three students from Chicago’s Lakeview High School shared a heartfelt open letter filled with their gratitude for the Grammy-winner’s $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools earlier this month.

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“We thank you for supporting Chicago’s minority youth when not many others have put time to think about the kids,” 10th graders Alex Rojas, Alondra Cerros, Annelisse Betancourt wrote. “As minority students we feel ignored and as though we don’t have enough support from bigger influences like you.”

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“Being born and raised in Chicago is not easy at all,” they went on. “There are so many stereotypes and restrictions we have as teenagers due to the frequent violence and crimes,” they wrote “You and your music have taught us that you can be true to yourself and still be successful, still be self-made.” 

They also included why Chance inspires their own lives: “You’re more than just an artist to us, you are a way of life. You make music that we can relate to on many levels, because you know what living in Chicago is like, and you want to make changes in the city.”

Chance took to his Twitter to respond, pointing out that more good news maybe on the way. 

Making good music and an impact has never looked this great!


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