Most Charges Dropped Against Ex-Friend Accused Of Trying To Extort  Kevin Hart With Sex Tape
Photo by James Gourley/Getty Images

The man accused of trying to allegedly extort  Kevin Hart with a “sexually suggestive” video in 2017 has had all but one charge dropped.

At the time, TMZ reported that a former friend of Hart’s allegedly demanded money from him after a “sexually suggestive” video turned up with the comedian and another woman on it.

And now, according to new court documents , the judge in the case dropped two of the three charges against J.T. Jackson, the ex-friend of Hart accused of the crimes.

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“The judge said there was insufficient evidence to move forward with prosecuting Kevin’s ex-friend with attempted concealing and selling stolen property, and one count of unauthorized use of personal identifying information — basically, identity theft,” TMZ reports.

An attempted extortion charge was dropped back in September because Jackson never made a direct financial ask of Hart.

“We’ve maintained innocence since day one and as things have unfolded our beliefs have been confirmed. We will continue to fight this until Mr. Jackson’s name is cleared,” Jackson’s attorney, Jacob Glucksman said.

Jackson still faces an identity theft charge.


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