Chance The Rapper Wants Ideas To Revitalize Chicago
Timothy Hiatt
Not only is Chance the Rapper currently one of the biggest rappers around, but he’s also one of the most philanthropic. As if donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools wasn’t enough, the rapper announced Wednesday that he and Liz Dozier of Chicago Beyond would be teaming up for the Go Innovate Challenge. The initiative seeks to fund ideas that will make Chicago a better place for young people, Chance and Chicago Beyond will be putting $2 million toward the best ideas. “Submit the ideas,” Chance told fans during a live stream of the announcement, “We’d love to fund them as long as they positively impact the city of Chicago.” Chicago Beyond, launched in 2016, is an organization that funds ideas that will change the lives of youth in Chicago. The site reads, “Our mission is to help accomplish your mission.” Ideas from nonprofit organizations are currently being accepted, you can find all the details for the challenge here. The deadline for submissions is July 7.


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